CF integration with logging and monitoring tool

Swatz bosh

I would like to know in CF, how to integrate with 3rd party app logging and monitoring like Graphite, Nagios, etc, what is the recommended approach. I found few articles where its mentioned firehose is the better option. Whereas I remember having collector (stats_z1/z2) job pointing to such monitoring server works well. So what steps I need to follow if I have to integrate such application monitoring tool using firehose? Do I need to write Nozzles for my monitoring tool like CloudCredo did for Graphite?
So if I have to integrate with Nagios, Wily, Splunk etc I would need nozzle for all of them? If not what changes I need to do in my configuration and in buildpack(not sure)?

I also found NOAA client which I think consumes all logs from doppler and show them on console? How this Noaa client is using firehose, is not very clear in the document?

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