Re: Hard-coded domain name in diego etcd job

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, Maggie,

Apologies, I sent this reply to cf-dev earlier, but it seems not to have gone through. Anyway, the 'cf.internal' domain is used internally by CF and Diego components to do service discovery via consul DNS. You shouldn't need to change it, but for Diego to operate correctly you do need to have a consul cluster present in your CF deployment.

Also, I see you're attempting to deploy Diego 0.1402.0 against CF v210, but those versions are not interoperable. As mentioned in the CF release notes[1], we recommend you deploy Diego version 0.1247.0 against CF v210, or that you upgrade to CF v214 and deploy the recommended Diego version 0.1398.0 alongside it. In particular, that internal domain changed from 'consul' to 'cf.internal' after CF v213/Diego v0.1353.0, so there's no way Diego 0.1402.0 will work with CF v210.

Eric, CF Runtime Diego PM


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