Re: no more stdout in app files since upgrade to 214

James Bayer

here are some things that should help us troubleshoot:

does "cf logs APPNAME --recent" show anything different?
how did you create your deployment manifest?
how many availability zones do you have in your deployment?
how many traffic controllers and doppler instances do you have?
is the dea_logging_agent co-located with the DEAs and your "runner" VMs
configured with jobs something like this [0]?

with our installations, we typically use the affectance tests (CATS) [1] to
cover platform functionality. there is also a set of acceptance tests just
for loggregator [2].


On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 1:11 AM, ramonskie <ramon.makkelie(a)> wrote:

okay so no problem there
the only thing now is that there is no streaming logs with the cf logs
from my APP only RTS
any ideas there?

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