Re: CF integration with logger and monitoring tools

Daniel Mikusa

I think you're talking about two separate things here:

If you create a user defined service and bind that to your application [1],
the Java build pack should install the agent and configure it to monitor
your application. That's the key here, it will monitor that *one*
application. This will work very similar to if you ran your app locally
with the wily agent installed. You can then repeat this process for any
number of Java apps running on CF.

When you're talking about collector & firehose, you're talking about ways
to pull logs and metrics from the entire CF system, not just a single app.
This is unrelated to what is supported through the Java build pack. I have
no idea if Interscope is capable of doing this or if it would make sense to
use it for this type of data gathering.


[1] -

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 7:40 AM, Swatz bosh <swatzron(a)> wrote:

Thanks Gwenn.

I found a link for integrating AppDynamics (agent based monitoring like
Wily) with PCF, where its mentioned to create user-defined service and bind
it to application, so that AppDynamic agent will detect the service
'VCAP_SERVICE' and start sending metrics/logs to AppDynamic collector.

I am using here they are using 'collector' and not firehose nozzle?
So does that mean I should not be using (java_buildpack agent of
where introscope will need VCAP_SERVICE i.e. service binding with
substring as 'introscope' to all my java apps ? I think its old 'collector'
approach like AppDynamic ?
And I should not be creating in user defined service for Introscope and
bind to my java apps?
I should rely on dea and metron to provide java application metrics and
configure my firehose nozzle to point to Introscope-Enterprise Manager to
collect all App metrics, is it correct? If yes, then are we saying
firehouse metric will be auto understood by Introscope-Enterprise Manager?

Thanks for all your response.

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