Re: Running Docker private images on CF

Gwenn Etourneau

t "#<RspecApiDocumentation::Views::HtmlExample:0x0000000bb883e0>" To be a
bug in the Documentation tracked here

Real example is (

{ 'docker_user' => 'user name',
'docker_password' => 's3cr3t',
'docker_email' => 'email(a)',
'docker_login_server' => '' }

But you error 404 just mean something was not found host, docker image not
sure which one

On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 1:32 AM, dharmi <dharmi(a)> wrote:

We have CF v214 with Diego deployed on AWS.

I am able to successfully create apps from Docker public repo, as per the
apidocs <> ,
but, while creating apps from the Docker private repos, I see the below
error from 'cf logs' when starting the app.

[API/0] OUT Updated app with guid bcb8f363-xyz
[API/0] OUT Updated app with guid bcb8f363-xyz ({"state"=>"STARTED"})
[STG/0] OUT Creating container
[STG/0] OUT Successfully created container
[STG/0] OUT Staging...
[STG/0] OUT Staging process started ...
[STG/0] ERR Staging process failed: Exit trace for group:
[STG/0] ERR builder exited with error: failed to fetch metadata from
[:dockerid/go-app] with tag [latest] and insecure registries [] due to HTTP
code: 404
[STG/0] OUT Exit status 2
[STG/0] ERR Staging Failed: Exited with status 2
[API/0] ERR Failed to stage application: staging failed

cf curl command for reference.

cf curl /v2/apps -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H
"Authorization: bearer *accessToken*" -d '
{"name": "myapp",
"space_guid": "71b22eba-xyz",
"docker_image": ":dockerid/go-app",
"diego": true,
{"docker_login_server": "",
"docker_user": ":dockerid",
"docker_password": ":dockerpwd",
"docker_email": ":email"

Looking at the apidocs, the 'Example value' for 'docker_credentials_json'
indicates a Hash value
(#<RspecApiDocumentation::Views::HtmlExample:0x0000000bb883e0>), but
inside the code, we found the below JSON format.

let(:docker_credentials) do
docker_login_server: login_server,
docker_user: user,
docker_password: password,
docker_email: email

Pls correct me if I am missing something.


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