Re: Announcing version 2.6 of the Service Broker API

Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Thanks for the reminder Mike. I must have missed that email.
Yes, that sounds like a reasonable ask as well. I'll add some stories.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 9:13 AM, Mike Youngstrom <youngm(a)> wrote:

Thanks Dieu! Any thoughts on Mike's follow up for the same type of change
on async polling api?


On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 12:37 AM, Dieu Cao <dcao(a)> wrote:

On behalf of the CAPI team I'm pleased to announce version 2.6 of the
Service Broker API. Two minor changes were introduced in this update.

Support for Service Keys was introduced with cf-release v213 and CLI
v6.12.1. This features enables service providers to support creation of
credentials, called service keys, without requiring the user to bind the
service to an application. This allows for easier provisioning of service
credentials for use by external applications and clients.

In support of Service Keys, the field app_guid is no longer guaranteed
with the bind request
<>. When users
bind a service instance to an application, the field will be included with
the request. When users create a service key the bind request is also made,
but app_guid will not be included. Brokers that require this field can
reject the request with a specific error code which causes Cloud Foundry to
return a meaningful error to the user.

With cf-release v213, the field service_id is now included in the update
Thanks to Mike Heath for suggesting this improvement.






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