Overcommit on Diego Cells

Mike Youngstrom <youngm@...>

Today my org manages our DEA resources using a heavy overcommit strategy.
Rather than being conservative and ensuring that none of our DEAs commit to
more than they can handle we have instead decided to overcommit to the
point where we basically turn off DEA resource management.

All our DEAs have the same amount of RAM and Disk and we closely monitor
these resources. When load gets beyond a threshold we deploy more DEAs.
We use Org quotas as ceilings to help stop an app from accidentally killing

So far this strategy has worked out great for us. It's allowed us to
provide much more friendly defaults for RAM and Disk and allowed us to get
more value out of our DEA dollar.

As we move into Diego we're attempting to implement the same strategy. We
want to be sure to do it correctly since we're less comfortable with Diego
at this point.

Diego doesn't have the friendly "overcommit" property DEAs do. Instead I
see "diego.executor.memory_capacity_mb" and
"diego.executor.disk_capacity_mb". Can I overcommit these values and get
the same behaviour I would overcommitting DEAs?

I'd also like some advice on what "diego.garden-linux.btrfs_store_size_mb"
is and how it might apply to my overcommit plans.


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