Re: How to build binaries for buildpacks?

Alexander Lomov <alexander.lomov@...>

I was able to solve the problem with ruby by adding --enable-load-relative to ./configure command.

Still it would be useful to know how do you build binaries for buildpacks.

Thank you,
Alex L.

On Aug 11, 2015, at 4:44 PM, Lomov Alexander <alexander.lomov(a)<mailto:alexander.lomov(a)>> wrote:

Hello, everyone.

I try to create custom ruby-buildpack to support Power8. This means I need to rebuild ruby binaries. I’ve wrote some scripts that build necessary binaries and upload them to S3 [1]. Here is a script that build ruby [2]. Still after I tried to run an app I’ve got this error [3], that said “`require': cannot load such file -- rubygems.rb (LoadError)”. I think that potential problem could be in the way I build ruby binary.

Could you please tell what do you use to build binaries for buildpacks?


Thank you,
Alex L.

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