Re: CAB call for August scheduled Wednesday 08/12/15

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hey Max,

Is there a calendar event you can invite me to?


On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 2:11 AM, Michael Maximilien <maxim(a)>

Hi, all,

Hope you are ready for the August CAB call. I am in Beijing but fear not,
I am ready to rock and roll.

As usual, please take some time to update the google docs (link below)
with any highlights (PMs) or any items you would like to bring up to the

Find all important info here:

CF community call
USA 888-426-6840; 215-861-6239 | Leader code: 66850163 | Participant
code: 1985291

All other countries can find dial-in numbers here:

*6 to mute/unmute


Talk soon,

James, Chip, and Max
ibm cloud labs
silicon valley, ca

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