Re: Doubt using the REST method: "/v2/resource_match"

Christopher Piraino <cpiraino@...>


That is correct, you do not need to call /v2/resource_match. I am not sure
what you mean by being able to upload the structure(?) but the files being
empty. If you could clarify that would be helpful.

An important aspect to note about the "/v2/apps/:guid/bits" endpoint is
that it expects a multipart PUT to be sent to it. The API docs here[1]
should help. In your case, the resources block would be an empty array
since you are not using resource matching.

- Chris Piraino


On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 2:31 PM, Juan Antonio BreƱa Moral <
bren(a)> wrote:

Hi Arthur,

My initial idea, is the development of a Node.js client to upload
application to CF.
Reading your lines, I understood that It is not necessary to execute the
method: /v2/resource_match , is it correct? So, I only would have to
execute the method:

'/v2/apps/' + app_guid + '/bits'

Today, I was doing some tests and I am able to upload the estructure, but
files are empty. What is the problem with the files? Is it something
related with the method: "/v2/resource_match"?

Many thanks in advance.

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