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Just FYI:

Spindown logic has once been (experimentally) implemented but seemed never


The model of application has a deprecated flag named "production":


It seems to be intended to distinguish memory usage of "free" apps and
"paid" apps:


Klevenz, Stephan wrote
Hi Guillaume,

We have a similar motivation for such feature request for saving
resources. We tried that our with a quickly implement POC and made similar
experience as you have written in the document. Here is in short what we

* measure inactivity of an app – we took the time stamp of last log
entry for an application and compared it with a fresh-hold – for the POC
this was good enough but maybe a better measure is needed
* inactive apps – stop application and let all app routes point to a
watch dog application
* watch dog – if a route is accessed then the watch dog wakes up the
app, moves routes back to the app and redirects the request after app is
up again

We played also with CPU, number of requests and other measures to scale up
and down applications.

Challenges we did identify were:

* find the right measure for inactive apps
* start, stop or scale apps require permissions
* enable the feature only for dedicated orgs or spaces (e.g. a trial
* quick wakeup of app
* a deeper integration into CF could make sense (get better measures,
better permission control, configure thresh hold for apps via CF CLI …)

We did implement this POC on top to the CC API. Using such feature in
production will cause more issues and findings.


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I wonder if there are plans to implement an auto-sleep behavior in
cloudfoundry, in which inactive apps would be automatically stopped after
a max inactivity threshold, and automatically restart upon arrival of
traffic on their routes. Similar to google app engine default behavior [1]

I did not find mentions of this yet in mailing lists and trackers.

We feel at Orange that such feature can improve the density for some of
our non-prod use-cases (with environmental and financial benefits).

I'd like to know if someone in the community already worked on such
feature or would be interested in collaborating on an opensource

I drafted some specs for a java-based implementation we're planning to
work on [2]. I'd love to hear feedbacks and suggestions on this.

Thanks in advance,



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