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Dieu Cao <dcao@...>


Yes, there are plans to change the cf command line to use the v3 cloud
controller rest api.
You can follow along on progress on stories related to v3 in the CAPI
backlog [1] looking at the process types epic [2].
The largest chunks of work left involve modeling service bindings in v3 and
making the transition for users from v2 apps to v3 apps as seamless as
Our plan is that we'll be able to migrate v2 app to the v3 set of
equivalent objects and to modify the v2 end points such that they will
update the equivalent v3 objects. The goal here is that if you are using a
client still using the v2 end points, things should continue to just work
and if you have a user with some clients using v2 and some clients using
v3, it should also be seamless.
As we go through different phases of the migration, we plan to work with
the cli on updating commands to use the new v3 end points.
I'm hoping that we start this work at some point in September.

You can find documentation on the v3 api here [3] in the sections marked
You can find basic instructions on how to create and push a v3 app here [4]
We are also working on a v3 style guide that we hope to share with the
community in the next week or so for feedback.
You can also find this talk from cf summit describing why we embarked on
v3. [5]



On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 11:39 AM, Ethan Vogel <evogel(a)> wrote:

Can anyone answer these questions please:

Are there plans to change the cf command line to use the V3 Rest API? If
so, when?
Where can I find documentation on the V3 API?


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