Re: Recreating uaadb and ccdb databases

CF Runtime

If you are using the default postgres job, you should just be able to "bosh
restart postgres_z1/0". This will create both the databases, but they will
not have the schemas.

The individual jobs should recreate the schemas, so you'll probably need to
"bosh restart api_z1/0" and "bosh restart uaa_z1/0".

OSS Release Integration Team

On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 3:36 AM, rmi <rishi.investigate(a)> wrote:

Hi Amit - since this is a fresh install I an just trying to recreate ccdb
uaadb from scratch. What is the best way of deleting/redeploying my
environment? Note that due to I am only able to use cf_nise installer for
this deployment. This is another reason I wanted to just recreate dbs if


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