How long will events be kept?


Hi all,

Recently, I am playing with Event API[1]. I am wondering if the events will
be kept persistent for ever or will be purged automatically based on some
policy. Who can share some details?

Meanwhile, I found there is no event It was when I stopped the app. Is it a code bug or documentation
"metadata": {
"guid": "ff81faa1-ce42-415d-a482-defc27524ef4",
"url": "/v2/events/ff81faa1-ce42-415d-a482-defc27524ef4",
"created_at": "2015-07-31T05:27:18Z",
"updated_at": null
"entity": {
"type": "",
"actor": "7d85d3d1-9d23-4ba4-8908-7f634f37d0d4",
"actor_type": "user",
"actor_name": "admin",
"actee": "b4953111-9913-4fbf-835a-a6f618c6a59d",
"actee_type": "app",
"actee_name": "simple-java",
"timestamp": "2015-07-31T05:27:18Z",
"metadata": {
"request": {
"state": "STOPPED"
"space_guid": "d9e4eb09-6b31-401b-87ea-2305364f7a1a",
"organization_guid": "79f25032-0f56-4c7c-86cc-d5c6a67ec300"


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