Waiting for the agent on VM - failure clarification

William C Penrod

I'm using the bosh v2 create-env command to deploy a bosh instance out. The deploy was
failing and it took me a bit to discover that the problem was not that the agent on
the new vm was failing, but that the bosh cli could not communicate from the host
I was running it on to the previous or new vm. Would it make sense to have more detail
on the 'waiting for agent' task output?

"Started deploying\n",
" Waiting for the agent on VM 'vm-877cff87-2451-4052-a98f-7a9ab9070108'...",
" Failed (00:00:30)",
" Deleting VM 'vm-877cff87-2451-4052-a98f-7a9ab9070108'...",
" Finished (00:00:12)",
" Creating VM for instance 'bosh/0' from stemcell 'sc-ae3823ea-7e05-4be2-814c-c85948266009'...",
" Finished (00:00:24)",
" Waiting for the agent on VM 'vm-d3c1b9b7-d348-4fc0-a33a-851ca83c8ad8' to be ready...",
" Failed (00:10:09)",
"Failed deploying (00:11:23)\n",
"Stopping registry...",
" Finished (00:00:00)",
"Cleaning up rendered CPI jobs...",
" Finished (00:00:00)",
"Deploying:\n Creating instance 'bosh/0':\n Waiting until instance is ready:\n
Sending ping to the agent:\n Performing request to agent endpoint
'https://mbus:\u003credacted(a)':\n Performing POST request:\n
Post https://mbus:\u003credacted\u003e(a)
dial tcp i/o timeout",
"Exit code 1"