variable blob package name?



We have the scenario where a bosh package will be deployed to two different servers, and those servers require a different version of the package.  Everything else is the same save for the version of the package.  Is there a way to dynamically choose the package version required via a parameter in the manifest file?  Or do I simply have to copy the job and package and update the associated packing/spec file and/or create two separate releases (one for version 1 and another for version 2)?

For example:

server 1 requires mytar-1.2.2.tar.gz
server 2 requires mytar-2.2.2.tar.gz

Ideally there would be a single package file like:

tar -xvf mytar/mytar-${VERSION}.tar.gz

Is what I'm trying to do possible or again does it require simply having a duplicate of the jobs/packages and each one labeled accordingly in the release (or two separate releases)?