supported stemcell versions

Dmitriy Kalinin

Hey all,

Recently few similar questions came up on slack/email about what stemcells
are officially maintained.

Open source BOSH team officially only maintains latest published stemcell
version (the one listed on's home page). When high severity
security patches or important bug fixes are published, we typically quickly
release a minor stemcell version which does not include other feature

For example, the current, supported stemcell is 3263, and it has received
several minor revisions with security updates including yesterday. GitHub
release notes include information about such changes.

In rare cases we have done backports to earlier stemcell versions when
community members requested changes on #slack to help them upgrade. In a
lot of cases it's not easily possible, so we strongly recommend to update
your software continuously.

On a somewhat related note, we have recently updated stemcells from 3.19
kernel (3262.x stemcells) to 4.4 kernel (3263.x stemcells) since Ubuntu
have officially EOLed 3.19 kernel. We are planning to produce one more
3262.x stemcell today as it seems Ubuntu has provided a fix for the latest
kernel CVE and one of the community members requested a backport.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to join discussions on the #bosh
slack channel.