Registry credentials

Gabriel Rosenhouse <grosenhouse@...>


I'm looking over the instructions to bosh-init on AWS [0], specifically
trying to understand the credentials required. In the manifest template
example, in the properties section of the job, I see

db: *db
http: {user: admin, password: admin, port: 25777}
username: admin
password: admin
port: 25777

I have two questions:

1. Do the username, password, and port need to be set at both the top level
and within the "http" hash? According to the README [1] only the "http" is

2. Is it a coincidence that the user and password values are the same as
those of the default admin user on the director? Can I safely assign a
random password instead, or does the registry password need match the
director admin user password?

Thank you.