Project Quarks Alpha Release

Vlad Iovanov <VIovanov@...>

Hello everyone,


On behalf of the Quarks team, I'd like to introduce Cloud Foundry Operator v0.4.2.


This is our first alpha release. Post CF Summit EU, we gathered feedback and made some bugfixes.

Many thanks to everyone that's been testing and working with us to make this happen.


Getting started is really easy, you can try the snippets below. For detailed requirements and advanced usage, please find us on slack (#quarks-dev).

There are many cool things to learn and experiment with, including Eirini.


kubectl create namespace scf


helm install --namespace cf-operator \

     --name cf-operator \

     --set operator.watchNamespace=scf \


helm install \

    --namespace scf \

    --name scf \

    --set "" \


Contributors are welcome!



The Quarks team