How to config use-haproxy when your deploy cloudfoundry using bosh

jun zhong

bosh -e bosh-1 -d cf deploy cf-deployment/cf-deployment.yml \
--vars-store cf-vars.yml \
-v \
-v  \
-v haproxy_public_network_name= bosh \
-v haproxy_ssl.private_key=./bosh.pem \
-o cf-deployment/operations/openstack.yml \
-o cf-deployment/operations/use-haproxy.yml \
-o cf-deployment/operations/use-haproxy-public-network.yml \

I am a new guy to deploy the cf.
When I run the above command, I got error about  "cf-haproxy-network-properties" doesn't config.

1. Do you know how to config the cf-haproxy-network-properties in use-haproxy-public-network.yml. Is there an example?

2.  Do we have a simplest yml file to deploy the cf in openstack. I don't want to support loadbalancer or something else. I just want to deploy a simplest cloudfoundry in openstack and this cloudfoundry just need to push a simplest application.