error deploying CF on Openstack using bosh : "SecurityGroupNotFound\

Gw .

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy CF on openstack using bosh .
I am following the documentation

When I execute :

bosh create-env bosh-deployment/bosh.yml --state=state.json
--vars-store=creds.yml -o bosh-deployment/openstack/cpi.yml -v
director_name=bosh-1 -v internal_cidr= -v
internal_gw= -v internal_ip= -v auth_url=
https://mycontrollerip:5000/v2.0 -v az=test -v
default_key_name=mykeypairname -v default_security_groups=[bosh,CF] -v
net_id=3a374103-4b4a-49aa-b2e7-d113cb6939c3 -v
openstack_password=mypassword -v openstack_username=myusername -v
openstack_project=projectname -v private_key=/path/to/mykeypair.pem -v
region=RegionOne -v openstack_domain=test -v tenant=projectname

I get error :

Stopping registry... Finished (00:00:00)
Cleaning up rendered CPI jobs... Finished (00:00:00)
Creating instance 'bosh/0':
Creating VM:
Creating vm with stemcell cid 'a8833ec1-7b3c-4904-a522-329ab1233302':
CPI 'create_vm' method responded with error:
CmdError{"type":"Bosh::Clouds::CloudError","message":"OpenStack API service
not found error: Expected([201]) \u003c=\u003e Actual(404 Not
Found)\nexcon.error.response\n :body =\u003e
\"{\\\"NeutronError\\\": {\\\"message\\\": \\\"Security group
0ccd1f3f-a064-49d7-899a-1ea450c518fa does not exist\\\", \\\"type\\\":
\\\"SecurityGroupNotFound\\\", \\\"detail\\\": \\\"\\\"}}\"\n :cookies
=\u003e [\n ]\n :headers =\u003e {\n \"Content-Length\"
=\u003e \"146\"\n \"Content-Type\" =\u003e
\"application/json; charset=UTF-8\"\n \"Date\" =\u003e
\"Sat, 19 Aug 2017 13:28:29 GMT\"\n \"X-Openstack-Request-Id\" =\u003e
\"req-8b903ed9-7c62-4433-b43b-cd784fd0fbeb\"\n }\n :host =\u003e
\"controllerip\"\n :local_address =\u003e \"\"\n :local_port
=\u003e 39862\n :path =\u003e \"/v2.0/ports\"\n :port
=\u003e 9696\n :reason_phrase =\u003e \"Not Found\"\n :remote_ip
=\u003e \"\"\n :status =\u003e 404\n :status_line
=\u003e \"HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found\\r\\n\"\n\nCheck task debug log for
Exit code 1

Can anyone help me with this ?