Cloud Foundry Community Workroom at Kubecon/CloudnativeCon EU 2020

Swarna Podila <spodila@...>

Dear Cloud Foundry Community,
For those of you attending Kubecon/CloudnativeCon EU 2020, please note that F002/F003 room is available for the cloud foundry community.  This is to foster the cross-community collaboration onsite.

This room is an "open-for-cf-community" workroom with no prior reservation required.  This room will be equipped with tables and chairs along with a whiteboard and some markers.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me (prior to the event) or the events team onsite, if you have any questions.

-- Swarna Podila (she/her)
, Community
 | Cloud Foundry Foundation

You can read more about pronouns here, or please ask if you'd like to find out more.