CFF SIG Lifecycle

Marco Voelz

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Dear Friends of BOSH,


As the kubernetes community keeps growing and getting more traction and attention, we, the CF community, align more closely with the tools and community in the k8s ecosystem. Examples in the Runtime PMC are project Eirini and the ongoing efforts to leverage istio features for routing in CF, etc. Effectively, it seems that we're rebasing CF on top of a new abstraction, which is cool, because it allows us to do new cool things!


Within the BOSH PMC, there are also efforts towards installing CF on top of k8s, entirely without BOSH, called project Quarks. Especially when installing a complex and large distributed system like CF, issues with the current state of lifecycle management in the k8s ecosystem become apparent. Even more so if you're used to BOSH, which solves many issues for its users better than most other tools out there. Therefore, we're trying to bring some of the lessons we've learned by working on and with BOSH to the k8s ecosystem.


We have established a Lifecycle SIG and wrote down our ideas and opinions in the past few weeks [1]. While this document isn't done, we are at a point, we would like to open the discussion for everyone. If you're interested in participating in the conversation, please read the document and let us know what your think!


We appreciate your comments, thoughts, feedback and suggestions! You can reply on the cf-bosh mailing list or reach out in the ways described in the 'contact' section in the document.


Thanks and warm regards

Marco for the CFF SIG Lifecycle