[CF-RFC] 030: Use Consistent Human Readable Timestamps for CF Component Logs

Amelia Downs <adowns@...>

Hi All,

Here is a link for a request for comment #030. This is targeted towards teams that provide releases to cf-deployment and to consumers of cf-deployment who read logs.


We intend to have all component jobs to use, or have the option to use, the same human-readable timestamp format for its logs (RFC3339) so that it’s easier for a human to skim logs to find entries for a given time and so that less toil is required to correlate log entries generated by different sub-components.


Please add comments or suggested edits inside the RFC document for convergent discussion, rather than replying to this email. Please use the Slack channel (#cf-rfc-030) for information conversation about the RFC and related subjects that may or may not result in suggesting an edit to the document.


We are planning to start working on this soon. This RFC will be open starting today, and will be closed in two weeks, receiving comments through January 24, 2020.

Amelia Downs and Josh Collins