[cf-dev] Update regarding Bionic Stemcells: Version 1.10 released from Foundation owned infrastructure

Benjamin Gandon

Congrats Felix and SAP team, and all other CFF contributors for this great achievement!


Le 17 juin 2021 à 17:16, Riegger, Felix via lists.cloudfoundry.org <felix.riegger=sap.com@...> a écrit :

Dear Cloud Foundry community,
The migration of the Stemcell release infrastructure and pipelines from VMWare to CloudFoundry Foundation owned accounts is mostly done. With Bionic Stemcell 1.10 the first Stemcell has been created and released with the new setup.
This is again a huge step forward to bring the Stemcell into the hands of the communitiy. Again a big thank you to everyone involved in this journey.
What has changed?
The new Stemcells are now published in Google Cloud Storage instead of AWS S3. This change uncovered a bug in the BOSH CLI, which has been fixed in the latest version. Please update to https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh-cli/releases/tag/v6.4.4 to consume the latest Stemcells.
In the previous setup BOSH Acceptance Tests (BATS), IPv4 and IPv6 tests have been executed against a vSphere environment owned by VMWare. In the new setup these tests are executed in a GCP environment. Unfortunately, it was not possible to replicate the IPv6 tests to this environment. While we don't expect big changes in this area this implies that IPv6 might stop working at some point with newer Stemcells without us noticing. If this is important to you and you would like to contribute please reach out to discuss options.
Where can I access the new infrastructure?
The concourse is hosted on https://bosh.ci.cloudfoundry.org/ and runs on a GCP account of the CloudFoundry Foundation.
Where is the code?
The repositories for the pipeline definitions and the stemcell code itself have not changed. They can be found in https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh-stemcells-ci and https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh-linux-stemcell-builder.
Any assets regarding the Concourse setup live in https://github.com/cloudfoundry/bosh-community-stemcell-ci-infra.
Who can access the pipelines and contribute?
Any member of https://github.com/orgs/cloudfoundry/teams/bosh-stemcell can access and work with the pipeline as well as the relevant repositories. If you would like to become a contributor, please reach out.
Where can I follow?
Anything else?
As was announced by the CFF Security Working Group in https://www.cloudfoundry.org/blog/security-advisory-update/ CFF security advisories are now in place for Bionic Stemcells and the release of version 1.10 triggered the first advisories.
Kind regards,