[cf-dev] Re: bosh lite v2

David Sabeti

Hi cf-dev,

To add to this, I wanted to clarify what the Release Integration team is
currently validating, and what we will plan to validate, in our pipelines.

We validate cf-release against the deprecated Vagrant workflow, and
cf-deployment against the new bosh-lite workflow that uses bosh-deployment
as described on bosh.io.

*In the near future -- about two weeks*
We're going to switch to using the bosh-deployment workflow for cf-release,
and support that for the remainder of cf-release's lifetime. cf-deployment
will continue to be validated on the bosh-deployment workflow as well.

*tl;dr - The Release Integration team will stop validating the Vagrant
workflow for bosh-lite in two weeks, so please switch to using the workflow
described on bosh.io <http://bosh.io>*

David Sabeti
CF Release Integration Project Lead

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 3:05 PM Dmitriy Kalinin <dkalinin(a)pivotal.io> wrote:


On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 2:49 PM, Dmitriy Kalinin <dkalinin(a)pivotal.io>

hey all,

as some of you may know, we have been recently recommending to install
bosh lite via cli v2 instead of vagrant. we haven't found any serious
drawbacks to the new approach so i would like to recommend new approach to
everyone. i've updated cloudfoundry/bosh-lite repo to point to new
bosh.io docs about bosh-lite.

here are some advantages to the new approach:
- uses cli v2 standard create-env
- uses official vsphere stemcell as a host image for vbox
- allows to configure director with uaa and credhub
- "bosh lite" can be installed on any supported iaas (not just vbox)

we are happy to answer any questions on cloudfoundry #bosh slack.