bosh-gen for bosh 2.0

Dr Nic Williams

With bosh2 <> now GA, we've been
migrating all community releases to assume bosh2 usage. There are some
subtle required changes, and some stylistic changes. bosh-gen is being
upgraded so that new BOSH releases look and feel like this new style. The
first release is now available via the PR above.

git clone -b bosh2
cd bosh-gen
rake install:local

bosh-gen will also try to help generate releases that produce no
bosh-lint linting
errors (read introduction

Perhaps some features of bosh-gen can be removed due to overlapping
inclusion in bosh2, so we'll figure that out as we go.

Feedback in the PR appreciated!

Dr Nic & maintainers of bosh-gen

Dr Nic Williams
Stark & Wayne LLC
+61 437 276 076
twitter @drnic