Ask for CF Community Process of building light stemcell

"李冰(张嶷) <>

Dear BOSH team,

I am seeking for helps on how to get Alibaba Cloud Light Stemcell Builder and Stemcell CIs integrated with the CF community process of building light stemcells.


I have the following questions and sorry for asking them in one batch, so adding #number for easy tracking.


1)      Do we need a Cloud Foundry active project for AliCloud light stemcell builder in GitHub CF org, like this one Or can we just use AliCloud light stemcell builder in Aliyun org, like this one


2)      There is one step in Stemcell CI pipeline to upload full stemcell to an object storage bucket. In our case, we need to upload it to an AliCloud OSS bucket. The question is that who should be the owner of this OSS bucket. Is it owned by AliCloud BOSH team or CF Community? This is about how to fetch the Access Key (AK).


3)      After the step of light stemcell verification in Stemcell CI pipeline, if passed, it’s about to publish this light stemcell to S3 bucket then generate a meta4 file. For this S3 bucket, is it owned by CF Community?


4)      Once the meta4 file is generated, what is the process to update it into (


5)      At the end, AliCloud will make the custom image public available, however, there is a manual process sitting behind. Is it acceptable? If not, we’d better to know any best practices to automatically make a custom image public.


6)      Finally, how to publish light stemcell to Assume someone from CF community will make it happen, right?

Thanks for your time and looking forward to your feedback.

李冰(Bing LI)

电话:+86 13691202002


Mukesh Gadiya

Hi Bing Li,

My name is Mukesh and I am the PM for BOSH Systems team in San Francisco which is responsible for Stemcells, DNS and CLI. We talked about this in pre-IPM meeting with team and your request looks similar to how IBM Softlayer builds stemcells. Below are some questions for Marco on the SoftLayer process that should help us figure answers for your question.

  1. Should the stemcell builder & metalink repository be in the cloudfoundry github organization?

  2. Should the foundation own the credentials for the artifacts?

  3. Should we include the artifacts on

Since, IBM does this with Softlayer, we're curious what the answers to the above questions are for softlayer.