Vision for CF on Kubernetes

Krannich, Bernd <bernd.krannich@...>

Hello everyone,


Over the past couple of months, we have heard questions from many of you about the future of Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes, and have been raising those questions amongst ourselves too.


During that time, we have been arriving at an initial proposal for a common way forward to present for discussion with all of you in the community. The result is the following document articulating our perspective, including the opportunities we see, the challenges with the status quo, and the refined direction we propose:


We invite everyone in the community to comment on it, and especially to give their feedback and criticism, with the goal of achieving a common vision for our whole community.


We hope that the document and the ensuing discussion will set an exciting direction for Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes for the entire Cloud Foundry ecosystem and beyond.



Jens Huesken (SAP), Richard Johnson (IBM), Emile Kfouri (VMware), Bernd Krannich (SAP), Eric Malm (VMware), Simon Moser (IBM)






Bernd Krannich

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