BOSH 261.4 can't find job properties

Jonathan Stockley


We have a release with two jobs: job1 and job2.
Job1 defines a property, “password" in it’s spec file metadata. One of the job template files in job2 refers to the “password" property defined in job1 but it is not defined in the spec file metadata for job2.

This has not caused problems with 255.12 but deploying to BOSH 261.4 we get the following:

Error 100: Unable to render instance groups for deployment. Errors are:
- Unable to render jobs for instance group ’test'. Errors are:
- Unable to render templates for job ‘job2'. Errors are:
- Error filling in template '' (line 20: undefined method `password' for nil:NilClass)

‘password’ is the property defined in job1.

The properties are defined globally in the deployment manifest.

It would appear that the 261.4 BOSH release requires all properties shared between jobs to be defined in each job’s spec file.
However, in the documentation is says 'properties [Hash, optional]: Configuration options supported by the job.’ which tells me that the properties are optional.

Can someone explain what the correct behavior is supposed to be now?