Bosh Lite ip routing

Janke, Thomas <thomas.janke@...>


I am running Bosh Lite on AWS and I can't get ip routing running so that I can access container IPs from outside the Bosh Lite VM. My setup looks like this:

- My Bosh Lite VM with IP is running a container with IP
- I can access the container via the internal IP from within the Bosh Lite VM
- I have a another VM I want to access the container from
- From that VM I can reach the Bosh Lite IP without any problem
- I added a route there (route add -host gw ). Still I cannot reach the container from that VM

I usually run a similar setup locally on VirtualBox without any problems. AWS security groups should not be a problem. I even tried with all traffic enabled for inbound and outbound connections.

Any ideas? I am desperately looking for a solution or at least a hint.