Timeout deploying cf-services-contrib, unresponsive agent

Remi Tassing

I have cf running on AWS (with micro-bosh). I've been trying to deploy "cf-services-contrib" (https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/cf-services-contrib-release) and hit some issues that I could fix myself, but this one has got me for days.

I get the following error:
Started preparing package compilation > Finding packages to compile. Done (00:00:00)

Started compiling packages
Started compiling packages > postgresql93/06163819b694f8d9836586d024f64c11efe30180
Started compiling packages > postgresql92/2867893e714aae6e6b76bd06e7aa30d47023c46e
Started compiling packages > postgresql91/a096872f49d90e26909dbb5c4c0f250dc44439f4
Failed compiling packages > postgresql92/2867893e714aae6e6b76bd06e7aa30d47023c46e: Timed out pinging to 59c83650-9cfb-45bc-a327-08b8f0ef662e after 600 seconds (00:11:04)
Failed compiling packages > postgresql93/06163819b694f8d9836586d024f64c11efe30180: Timed out pinging to 5097ca4b-5568-444d-b841-f08e42dac8da after 600 seconds (00:11:04)
Failed compiling packages > postgresql91/a096872f49d90e26909dbb5c4c0f250dc44439f4: Timed out pinging to 4766e190-b184-46d6-b443-2c651805dd20 after 600 seconds (00:11:36)

Error 450002: Timed out pinging to 59c83650-9cfb-45bc-a327-08b8f0ef662e after 600 seconds

In the meantime, issues "bosh vms" on another terminal shows 3VMS as:
"unknown/unknown | unresponsive agent".

I was thinking it could be the "NATS" configuration but not sure how it should be done. My current config looks like:
address: #Same as when deploying CF
port: 4222
user: nats
password: PASSWORD
authorization_timeout: 5

Anyone encountered this issue?


Remi Tassing

so I figured in order to access the deployment had to be made inside the same subnet as CF. I changed the networks/cloud_properties/subnet to cf_private subnet_ID and it worked.

Now I'm getting "`gateways/0' is not running after update" but I suppose it's a totally different issue (ref: http://grokbase.com/t/cloudfoundry.org/bosh-users/12cwqa2php/error-400007-%60mysql-gateway-0-is-not-running-after-update )