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Guillaume Berche

Following up onto

The is a great place to have a packaged tarball
for releases, and the detailed rendering of release supported job
properties [8] is incredibly useful.

As public CIs start becoming available thanks to great work, I
wonder whether there is a plan to record the associated ci build with bosh
releases, as to ease the communication about the status of a release, and
the tested combination among bosh-init, stemcells, and releases, in a
similar way as on [6].

As an example, I was trying to follow the docs on bosh-init support for
vcloud [1], and was running into the following error message:

Started compiling packages
Started compiling packages >
powerdns/256336d00b1689138490c385c03ad3a8f54b4a9e. Failed: Received
unknown error from cpi: Unknown with message genisoimage: 2: Current
option settings
errexit on
noglob on

Before spamming the list with request for help, I digged into the related
CI pipeline [2], which latest build was green to check my dependencies
(stemcell version, bosh-init version, config), and finally understood that
the build for vcloud-cpi-release latest released version 5 ci was red, and
master branch included fixes not yet released [3] [4]. The cross linking
for the CI builds to the commits and the story was very helpful. I hope
that in the future once credentials leaks would have been fixed, the CI
build outputs can be made public which will even further ease the debugging
by bosh-users (by comparing output logs).

However I did not yet find an easy way to correlate the bosh release commit
id with a ci build number. I wonder if the great bosh-hub (thanks for the
great tech overview at [5] ) could be enhanced to add the matching CI
build, onto bosh release page such as [7].

Thanks again for the great bosh-hub work,