Bosh AWS deployment issue - was working before

Sumanth Yamala <Sumanth.Yamala@...>

I was able to deploy my release a few weeks back, now it fails with strange errors including some manifest schema and default VPC being used.

Bosh CLI version: BOSH 1.2950.0 (updated it)
Deployed microbosh using bosh - VPC,subnet, security group [ nothing was created as everything was already in place]
When the release was uploaded and bosh deploy was called

1) First issue - a new element became mandatory - in the manifest file section for resource pools - size element became mandatory- this was not there before and it is not needed for openstack it complaints only for AWS. I added the size=3 to get over the first issue
- name: common
size: 3
network: default
name: bosh-aws-xen-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent
version: latest
instance_type: m3.large

2) The second issue was when the deployment happens I get the below issue

Failed creating bound missing vms > common/0: The security group 'bosh' does not exist in default VPC 'vpc-16940b73' (00:00:01) - although the microbosh, my deployment manifest and network all point to the subnet tied to the microbosh.

The entire set up worked well for AWS a few weeks before - the only changes are I installed the micro bosh VM instance again and updated my BOSH CLI.

Any thoughts on where this could have gone wrong ? any documentation on the schema change ?

Thanks for help in advance.