Announcement: Regular BOSH PMC meetings

Marco Voelz

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Dear Friends of BOSH,


We are about to have our first BOSH PMC meeting!



Thursday, March 21st, 8AM Pacific Time

Afterwards: Every third Thursday of the month in the same timeslot.




What is this all about?

Similarly to the existing PMC meetings, the BOSH PMC meeting is for announcements, updates, and outlook for all active projects within the BOSH PMC [1]. After a meeting, you can find the meeting minutes in pmc-notes/bosh on github [2]. If you want to see topics discussed at the meeting, we appreciate a heads-up a few days before the meeting, either via mail on cf-bosh@... or by making a pull request to the agenda document.


According to the Cloud Foundry Foundation's Governance documents, all companies with at least one full-time contributor on an active project get a vote to be issued by a representative. Others can join, but not vote on decisions, such as incubating new projects or promoting a project from incubation to active.

For more information on the organization within a Cloud Foundry PMC, please refer to the official Cloud Foundry Foundation Governance Documents [3].


Warm regards