Two questions about BOSH CPI Certification

"李冰(张嶷) <>

Dear BOSH team.

I have another topic about BOSH CPI Certification. We aim to get Alibaba Cloud BOSH CPI passed BOSH CPI Certification ( Now we are still in development, but assume very soon we will submit a PR to include Alibaba Cloud directory into this repo, and corresponding pipeline yml file and CI tasks will be there.

Now, I have two questions regarding the integration process.


1)      At the beginning of certification, CI will run Terraform to build network environment. The question is about who owns the IaaS infrastructure, saying Alibaba Cloud BOSH team will own the account or CF community should own the account


2)      Per our understanding, a new CPI release (bosh-cpi-release) will trigger BOSH CPI Certification CI. If CI failed, what is the follow up procedures to get CPI release roll-back or be fixed?

Thank you in advance.

李冰(Bing LI)

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