Re: bosh-lite stemcell - refresh?

Dmitriy Kalinin

You can build warden stemcells just like any other stemcell -- just have to
specify infrastructure as warden -- but there are some incompatibilities
with the agent which will make that stemcell fail on bootup. Marco and I
are planning to work on it this/next week and have it continuously

Regarding kernel mismatch: I've run into this a few times when
transitioning from warden to garden and I think a way to fix this would be
to bind mount kernel modules directory into each containers from the host
so that regular tools can properly work, regardless if some kernel module
was loaded or not.

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 6:42 PM, Matthew Sykes <matthew.sykes(a)>

I'm working on packaging up some software for bosh that requires a kernel
module and running into an issue.

The bosh stemcell for the warden cpi is very old relative to the kernel
that's actually using the container (and all other stemcells, really). When
I try to modprobe the module into the kernel from within a container, it
fails because the version of the kernel module in the stemcell is way older
than the kernel.

I'm currently adding a provisioning script to the Vagrant host to load the
module but it really shouldn't be necessary.

Can someone point to some instructions on how to construct the stemcell
for the warden CPI? Alternatively, is there a story to refresh it?


Matthew Sykes

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