Re: BOSH/CF package compilation time

Satya Thokachichu

While doing bosh export,I kept on getting 502 after copying packages ..Systemlevel resources looks good..Tried to locate compiled packages under /var/vcap/data and /var/vcap/store..Once it fails,I cant find any data..Did anybody encounter this issue ? Any help would be greatly appreciated
ubuntu(a)ip-10-0-0-146:~$bosh export release cf/214 ubuntu-trusty/3048

Director task 49
Started unknown
Started unknown > Binding deployment. Done (00:00:00)
Started preparing package compilation > Finding packages to compile. Done (00:00:00)
Started 2015-09-15 16:07:02 UTC
Finished 2015-09-15 16:09:26 UTC
Duration 00:02:24

release-cf-214-on-ubuntu-trusty-stemcell-... downloading...Cannot download resource `96c943ac-3891-4b32-9fc3-68a7db34eac5': HTTP status 502

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