Re: Finding one vm from another in a single deployment

Dmitriy Kalinin

Currently you have to specify static_ip for the job (some more info here:, and place that IP into a property of a
different job. However, we are in the middle of implementing a feature
called links which eliminates this manual configuration. Director will
automatically provide requested information (IPs, etc.) to each job. You
can find more implementation details here: I have not
created user facing documentation as we are still implementing this feature.

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 2:15 PM, Craig Rubendall <Craig.Rubendall(a)>


Newbie question….

I’m trying to create a deployment with 2 vms, let’s call them client and
server. From my client vm, I need the server’s allocated ip address (or
something that will resolve to an ip address) so I can make a tcp

Is there a facility in Bosh for the client to retrieve this information?


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