Re: Bosh target password.

Dmitriy Kalinin

If you are able to upgrade (with bosh-init or micro deploy) to a newer
version of BOSH ( v177+ / 1.2999.0) you can redeploy your Director with
pre-configured users as explained in When pre-configured
users are enabled, database users are ignored.

We are actually planning to remove db users in favor of pre-configured
users or UAA provided users once I finish writing documentation about how
BOSH works with UAA.

On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 10:53 AM, Guruprakash Srinivasamurthy <
guruprakashsrinivasamurthy(a)> wrote:


We lost track of password for one of the micro bosh director and we are
unable to login to the target.

Is there a way we can reset the password that we use to target the bosh
director ?


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