Re: Live Migrating OpenStack VMs between physical nodes

Dmitriy Kalinin

I am not too familiar with OpenStack's *live* migration. Do VMs lose
connectivity when moved around by OpenStack?

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when you want to migrate or evacuate hosts
you will notice that bosh will try to respawn the vms/jobs he created
because of the health monitor

so what we normally do is disable the bosh health monitor until the the
nodes are done


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OpenStack CPI does not care / is not aware on which node VMs are running.

As long as VM remains powered on and accessible you should not have a
problem. In practice you may run into certain OpenStack limitations which
may prevent moving VMs around. I vaguely remember presence of a config
drive (CPI is configured to bootstrap VMs via config drive) may limit VM
On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 10:12 AM, Josh Ghiloni <jghiloni(a)>

Hi All,

I've had a question from my client's IT department that I thought I would
run by you before actually just trying it. We're running open source Cloud
Foundry on OpenStack, and the admin was wondering if the CPI could handle a
particular VM (or a set of vms) being transferred from one physical node to
another for something like maintenance on the original node.

My first thought is that it shouldn't affect anything in the CPI, since
OpenStack is handling the VM provisioning and locating, but I was curious
if anyone had practical experience with this.


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