Issue on re-deploy to AWS - static IP already reserved/in use


Hi BOSH users!

We're running into an error when attempting to re-deploy a failing BOSH
deployment of CF to AWS:

`ha_proxy_z1/0' asked for a static IP but it's already
reserved/in use

We're essentially doing the following:

* Allocate new EIP in AWS
* Generate manifest for CF with the EIP assigned to HA Proxy
* Run `bosh deploy` - this fails because we're hitting AWS API limits
* Run `bosh deploy` again - this now fails due to the above 'already
reserved' error

Is this the expected behaviour?
We've tried manually releasing the EIP in AWS and retrying the deployment,
but we still experience the 'already reserved' failure.

We're running BOSH version 1.2922.0 and have attached the relevant backtrace
from the debug log.

Any help appreciated.
Ed and Gareth


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