Re: Upgrading CF to 214 Release Fails During Configuration

Amit Kumar Gupta

Does your deployment manifest (deployments/cf-was-tiny.yml) have the
required property? What's in that gist is not guaranteed to be in your
manifest unless we know how you use that gist in your manifest generation.

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015, Michael Minges <mminges(a)> wrote:


We had deployed CloudFoundry, release 208, on AWS using Terraform. Since
then, we had successfully upgraded to release 210 and subsequently to
release 212. Currently, we are working through upgrading from release 212
to the latest 214 release. After updating the deployment manifest to use
the 214 release as well as to use the latest stemcell,
bosh-aws-xen-hvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent version 3033, we used the following
bosh commands to deploy:

bosh deployment deployments/cf-aws-tiny.yml (target the
correct deployment)

bosh prepare
(resolve deployment requirements)

bosh deploy

The deploy ran for about twenty minutes then failed with the following:

Started preparing configuration > Binding configuration. Failed: Error
filling in template `gorouter.yml.erb' for `api/0' (line 50: Can't find
property `["uaa.clients.gorouter.secret"]') (00:00:03)

Error 100: Error filling in template `gorouter.yml.erb' for `api/0' (line
50: Can't find property `["uaa.clients.gorouter.secret"]')

Within the director VM,
shows that the property, uaa.clients.gorouter.secret, does exist. See Gist

Any suggestions on where to start with troubleshooting?

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