Re: Attaching meta-data to bosh releases to ease discovery ?

Guillaume Berche

Another use-case for such meta-data might be for a bosh release to specify
minimum bosh and stemcell supported versions (similar to what cf-release
release notes document informally, sometimes upon user requests [1]), and
possibly have bosh director enforce these requirements.


On Sat, Jul 18, 2015 at 11:18 PM, Guillaume Berche <bercheg(a)>

Great, thanks a lot Dmitriy, this sounds great.

Looking forward to seeing leveraging these meta data to help
filter/sort/search releases.

Le 18 juil. 2015 03:39, "Dmitriy Kalinin" <dkalinin(a)> a écrit :

I am thinking we can add metadata to config/final.yml (and eventually
include it in the release tarballs in release.MF). Once config/final.yml
includes metadata, can pull it in down and include it on release
versions pages.

I'll reply to this thread with a format for config/final.yml based on
your repo in coming days.

Thanks for kicking this off!

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 2:23 AM, Guillaume Berche <bercheg(a)>


I'm wondering whether there are plans to add meta-data to bosh release
manifest, as to support better discoverability of bosh releases.

The bosh hub is providing a great one shop place to find bosh releases,
and it would be great to have it augmented with meta-data / classification.

This meta-data could be external to the release (e.g. in bosh-hub) or
embedded in the release similar to juju charms meta-data [1] or most
package manager provide (yum, apt ...) to attach meta-data to packages.

I drafted possible meta-data / classification into [2] as to start the

Thanks in advance,



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