Bosh Monitor Consul Plugin

mjseid <seidy01@...>

I'm trying to get alert event from bosh monitor and I'd like to use the
new-ish consul_event_forwarder plugin. I can correctly use some of the
other plugins (email, graphite, datadog) but I can't get the consul one to
do anything.

I have verified with wireshark that the BOSH HM isn't sending any packets to
my consul server, and in the hm logs all I see to help troubleshoot are
messages like the following which makes me think the plugin isn't

D, [2015-07-28T20:25:03.360569 #24748] DEBUG : No plugins are interested in
`heartbeat' event
D, [2015-07-28T20:25:03.403876 #24748] DEBUG : Received heartbeat from

I'm on vsphere using bosh version 1.2889 and here are the relevant
parameters of my yml:
consul_event_forwarder_enabled: true
port: 8500
protocol: http
events: true
heartbeats_as_alerts: true

Can anyone verify the consul plugin is working for them, and if so can you
share your config? Thanks

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