Re: Diego support running docker containers

Gwenn Etourneau

That's two different things ...
One use diego to run container into CF and the second one run container
into a VM without any scheduling and so on...Mostly the same as "docker
run" ...

nothing to do with diego .. I think when you say "bringing up the docker
container on my existing Diego release" is just running on the same bosh no

Or maybe my understanding is wrong ..

On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 9:36 AM, Shetty, Daya <Daya.Shetty(a)>

I read this thread and
Eric mentions in his reply that the current support level is mentioned
under but
I think a more detailed example in
"Pushing a Docker image with Diego CLI Plugin" section would be a welcome

As I was going nowhere with running a Docker container using the above
approach I tried
and succeeded in bringing up the docker container on my existing Diego
release. Is this a parallel effort to support docker containers using the
service-broker framework and if that’s true then I’m assuming that this
would work fine even with CF’s pre-Diego release?


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