Re: Print errand logs before refilling resource pool

Dmitriy Kalinin

Have you tried running `bosh run errand X --keep-alive`?

On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 12:37 PM, lexsys <aleksey.zalesov(a)>


I want to run errand with smoke tests as fast as possible.

I have resource pool with size=1 so VM for smoke tests is already
provisioned when I run `bosh run errand smoke_tests` command.

Then bosh updates job for 45s, runs smoke tests for 4s (they fail on the
first test) and then refills resource pool for 228s. I can see the logs
at the end of the task (277s) , though they are available in 49s.

How can I print smoke tests results before resource pool refilling starts?

Aleksey Zalesov

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