Re: How CPI versions and modifications are deployed in the BOSH director

Alexander Lomov

Hi, Daniele.

I suppose you use bosh-init [1] to deploy MicroBOSH [2]. MicroBOSH is a
full functional BOSH installation in bounds of one instance, still has its
limitations. It is a common way to deploy MicroBOSH first and to use it to
deploy full functional BOSH cluster. After this, you can use MicroBOSH to
manage BOSH cluster, to update its CPI and another components. This BOSH
cluster is used to deploy and manage CF.

As far as I know bosh-init is not yet able to perform "smart" re-deploys,
where it updates only packages that have newer versions.

When you run `bosh releases` you see release that are uploaded to MicroBOSH
instance blobstore, not actual releases that was used to deploy MicroBOSH.
The version of release that runs inside MicroBOSH is the same version that
you specified in the manifest file that you used to deploy MicroBOSH.

Talking about questions:

a) yes, release version is specified by manifest file that you used to
deploy MicroBOSH. `bosh upload release` provides MicroBOSH with releases
that will be used lately by deployments performed by MicroBOSH. You can
define link to release in manifest file, but still this release will be
uploaded. `bosh upload release` was used before you can put link to release
into manifest file and makes it possible to perform this operation manually.

b) the easiest way is to re-deploy. Another option is to change config
files inside of MicroBOSH director manually and restart it.


Best luck,
Alex L.

Alex Lomov
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On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 8:06 PM, Daniele Santoro <
daniele.santoro(a)> wrote:

Hi all,

I’m deploying CloudFoundry on OpenStack. After deployed BOSH I’ve uploaded
few CPI versions using “bosh upload release” command as described here:

Now, I would like to know which is the release version currently used by
the BOSH director. In particular, doing “bosh releases” print this:

| Name | Versions | Commit Hash |
| bosh-openstack-cpi | 5 | 9cc99eb8+ |
| | 6 | c5e0111a |
| | 7 | 71a6ad61 |
| | 8 | 237cdd64 |
| cf | 212+dev.1* | b30e0fd5+ |
(*) Currently deployed
(+) Uncommitted changes

a) How can I know which is the version used ? Is it the one specified in
the manifest file ? If yes, what is the purpose of “bosh upload release”
command ?

b) In addition, after modifying the manifest file used to deploy BOSH, for
instance I add a custom property for CPI (openstack.state_timeout: 600).
How can I port the modification on the BOSH director ? Do I have to
re-deploy it ? I’ve done it and saw that it redeploy a lot of stuff not
only the CPI…


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