How CPI versions and modifications are deployed in the BOSH director

Daniele Santoro <daniele.santoro@...>

Hi all,

I’m deploying CloudFoundry on OpenStack. After deployed BOSH I’ve uploaded few CPI versions using “bosh upload release” command as described here:

Now, I would like to know which is the release version currently used by the BOSH director. In particular, doing “bosh releases” print this:

| Name | Versions | Commit Hash |
| bosh-openstack-cpi | 5 | 9cc99eb8+ |
| | 6 | c5e0111a |
| | 7 | 71a6ad61 |
| | 8 | 237cdd64 |
| cf | 212+dev.1* | b30e0fd5+ |
(*) Currently deployed
(+) Uncommitted changes

a) How can I know which is the version used ? Is it the one specified in the manifest file ? If yes, what is the purpose of “bosh upload release” command ?

b) In addition, after modifying the manifest file used to deploy BOSH, for instance I add a custom property for CPI (openstack.state_timeout: 600). How can I port the modification on the BOSH director ? Do I have to re-deploy it ? I’ve done it and saw that it redeploy a lot of stuff not only the CPI…


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