Re: Seek guide to extend BOSH to support other IaaSs

Guillaume Berche

Hi Jim,

Until the bosh contributors get you an official doc, here are some pointers
I collected while studying the development of an external CPI [1]

- Stdin/stdout API wiki
- Sequenting of calls
- *"One way to find out order of all those things is to run bosh-lite
and look at the logs. All cpi methods act on some resources that
have cloud
ids. e.g. attach_disk for example takes vm_cid and disk_cid which means
that create_vm and create_disk would be called at some point before this.
Important thing to note is that bosh may call any of those methods in a
different order depending on the situation as long as bosh is able to
provide needed arguments to the methods."*
- *Another way is to look at the debug traces from the bosh-init
logging <>*
- diagrams:
- deploy flow
- delete flow

BTW, which Iaas are you looking at developping a CPI for ?

Hope this helps,



On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 5:37 AM, jinsenglin <jinsenglin(a)> wrote:

Hi all

I’m trying to extend BOSH to support other IaaSs. However there [1] is no
document about how to do so, but only few item bullets listed without
hyperlinks. For understanding it, so far what I only can do is to trace the
existing CPI implementation source code, like AWS CPI[2], OpenStack CPI[3],
or vSphere CPI[3]. My question is that is there any further guide to help
get quickly knowledge about it? Thanks you all for kindness.






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